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Our Mission

To provide the best quality and most dependable service at a honest price while being respectful to our clients.

Meet the Team


When some think of high quality, it is often equated with a lot of $$$.
At SMG Unlimited, we view quality as getting the best bang for your buck by focusing on efficiency and effectiveness. With our 15 years experience in computers and networking, we can help our clients get the most out of what they need at a minimal cost.


Having a dependable IT resource can be a breath of fresh air by allowing you to focus your time growing your business. We use a proactive approach that gives you the peace of mind that your network is healthy and running at its best.


We believe at SMG Unlimited that honesty is the foundation of our reputation.
We strive to build trust in relationships with our clients and being open and honest is a pillar to our success.


We know that computers can be at times daunting for any user and its easy to feel lost when solutions are explained to you in computer jargon.
We use the utmost respect in helping resolve our clients issues by taking the time to explain everything in ways so our clients understand.

Our Core Values

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