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When you have IT issues don't say OMG, its time to call SMG

Looking for an IT Partner who does more than the obvious... SMG Unlimited uses a unique process for proactively managing  and securing business IT...check us out

We provide quality Managed IT Services and Cyber Security protection for Kansas

We are the building block for your business, keeping it safe and secure from today's cyber threats


Dependable IT Support and Service for your business.

SMG Unlimited offers a variety of technical services that can help cultivate your growing business:

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Managed IT Support

We managed IT support remote your computers and servers. We keep up to date with Windows patches and are alerted to any problems they may report. This service includes unlimited support for all users.

network switch ethernet art getty.jpg

Networking Solutions

Whether you have just a couple of computers or
multiple sites and locations, SMG Unlimited can help connect everything together.

Ransomware Protection & Disaster Recovery_edited.jpg

Ransomware Protection & Disaster Recovery


Computer/Server Solutions

Ransomware has become one of the biggest threats to businesses. We use a specialized set of tools to protect your files from encryption. We also image your computers for fast recovery in the event of a compromise.


Computers and servers are the life blood of any organization. SMG Unlimited understands this and can provide a wide range of solutions to match your business needs.

Cloud Backup.jpg

Hosted Email Solutions

Email is one of the most widely used communication
types in the world. SMG Unlimited can help keep your email infrastructure running at its best and protected from spam and viruses.

Cloud Backup

We backup all your data to the cloud. Cloud backups are protected with encryption. In the event we need to recover a machine from backup, we can boot the machine from the cloud to where you can use it while we are restoring it locally.

Security Cameras-Door Access Control.jpg

Security Cameras/Door Access Control

Need extra eyes on your business after hours? We can provide indoor and outdoor camera solutions. We have a wide variety of cameras that include wireless and battery powered. Our DVRs have mobile apps so you can watch and playback from your mobile phone. We can also provide electronic door access to your facilities. No longer manage physical keys or change locks when keys are missing or hiring new employees.


VOIP Phones

Voice Over Internet Phones are the new standard in business. We
offer a line of VOIP phones that can be used anywhere there is internet. Great for remote workers. Our VOIP solution includes a mobile app with which you can use your mobile phone to make and receive calls, as if you were in the office. Our phones have built in wi-fi and Bluetooth so no need for a cable and you can use any hands-free Bluetooth device.

Don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about us!

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